May 24, 2017

Why us ?

According to all business reviews, it’s very hard for non-US companies to make business in the US and sales effectively if you do not have any roots on the continent. The US market is very competitive and tough to reach, especially if you are not located or having any resources to deploy in it. It’s exactly the same situation with the European Markets, and actually any market worldwide. The only way to make the difference between you and your competitors, is to get at least a local partner to do the job for you. Nevertheless, it’s not an easy thing to find the ideal local partner, and not easy to step in the market if you don’t know the rules.

EasyShoring Solutions is here to help you to close the gap between you and your client. We are specialists in deals negotiations, sales representation and client relationship management for you and your company. We are specialists in the IT and Energy fields, we negotiate deals for years, with sales up to eight figures contracts on behalf of our clients. We can work for you to reach the US and the European market. Our team of experts can easily understand your offer and help you to adapt your product to the local market you targeted.

We are focusing on helping small and medium businesses to grow their business in the US/EU. We are here to accompany you to make the jump safety and successfully realize your true potential.
With us you have never been closer to the markets you wish to conquer.

    • Advice – We are professionals and we have years of experience to bank upon. We bring our experience and judgment to serve as your personal insurance advisor. We are not biased and we will give you the best possible advice based on overseeing the success of our clients. We take great pride in showcasing our talent in the form of very useful and to the point advice.
    • Flexibility – We are more flexible than an elastic band. Our flexibility ranges in communication modes like email, skype, telephone to even negotiating for our clients.
    • Trust – Our job is to earn your trust. Earning trust with the quality of our services and value added we bring to you. You can place your trust in us and be assured that we are doing the best possible job for the success of you and your company. Your peace of mind and absolute confidence in us will boost our energy infinitely.
    • Advocacy – On a very rare occasion, they may arise a dispute between the client and our partner. We make sure that we jump on such occasions to strengthen the relation between the client and the company, and make sure the company understands the client’s needs.
    • Knowledge – With our growing client base and our experience gathered from negotiated deals, we have closed important deals in IT and Energy. As we have experts in both fields, we managed sales of very sophisticated projects and products with a deep understanding of these businesses.
    • Transparency – We have no hidden charges and no hidden referral payments. Our service boasts of a complete transparent billing process and we ensure that we show you every penny that we are earning in the form of commission based on the deals closed.