May 24, 2017

Why us ?


An IT broker is simply an expert in IT solutions. We understand all the technological challenges you might face in the long and short run of your project. We make sure that you avoid all the trapfalls along the way. An IT broker such as EasyShoring Solutions will help you get multiple propositions, as well as allow you to choose the most profitable package tailored just for you and you will be able to save both time and money with our advice in every department. We are professional experts and we know the best people to work for you are our partners who we carefully choose. Give us an opportunity once and we are sure you will be back again.

Our skillset collection is enhancing day by day. We are adding new feathers to our glorious hat of technical engineers and our fleet is expanding everyday. We cover a wide variety of skills and operations. We make sure that you are given the best professional to assist you in your project.

Our dedicated team is not only expert in technical skills but also in English communication. Hence, language is never a barrier. Our team will make sure to finish your project in time and in case of any discrepancy between the partner and the client, EasyShoring Solutions always stands with our clients.

We crack deals regularly with our partners so we can fetch better and more economical deals compared to the deal which you will strike if you directly talk to our partner. Just as the name suggests, EasyShoring Solutions gives you the best solutions which are easy on your pockets.



  • Advice – We are professionals and we have years of experience to bank upon . We bring our experience and judgment to serve as your personal insurance advisor. We are not biased and we will give you the best possible advices based on overseeing the success of thousands of our clients. We take great pride in showcasing our talent in the form of very useful and to the point advices.
  • Flexibility – We are more flexible than an elastic band. Our flexibility ranges in communication modes like email, skype, telephone to even negotiating for our clients dropped down to a single penny.
  • Trust – Our job is to earn your trust. Earning trust with the quality of our proposals and propositions which we bring to you. You can place your trust in us and be assured that we are doing the best possible job and collecting the most economical project propositions for you. Your peace of mind and absolute confidence in us will boost our energy infinitely.
  • Choice – Who doesn’t love choices in life. Its always better to have choices. So why not have lots and lots of choices while deciding whom to give your project to? So, we stand for you and bring you a minimum of 5 propositions for each project. This will make sure that you choose your absolute best value for money deal and we will then ensure that our partner whom you choose to entrust your project with, to communicate with you to begin the job at your earliest convenience.
  • Advocacy – On a very rare occasion, they may arise a dispute between our client and our partner. We make sure that we jump in such occasions to rescue our client. We always prefer the side of our client and try to negotiate with our partner on the client’s behalf.
  • Knowledge – With our growing client base and our experience in finishing projects, we have completed a wide variety of projects ranging from database development to website designing. We have ensured that we add each completed project into our catalog which is our bible containing our finished projects which may act as a reference for any new incoming project for the client. All our clients are free to see our catalog and tell us to replicate something exactly the same from the catalog if they like it.
  • Transparency – We have no hidden charges and no hidden referral payments. Our service boasts of a complete transparent billing process and we ensure that we show you every penny that we are earning in the form of commission based on the proposition you choose. We are not biased towards any partner and we give the client full freedom to choose any partner according to his needs and package deal which he prefers.
  • Technicality – We have thousands of technically skilled engineers who will design your project with the methodology you choose. Want it fast? We have Rapid Application Development(RAD) methodology for you. Want is slow and perfect ? We have waterfall model for you. Want it risk free? We have the spiral model for you. Be it Agile, Scrum or any other design mode you prefer. SQL or Mongo to store your data. Java or Python to code. The remote is in YOUR hands. You choose the entire structure of your project and simply tell us and we make sure that every bit of your requirement falls under the right experienced hands. We have a brilliant Quality Assurance team that will check the quality of the build by checking all types of cases. From functional to regression testing and even the edge cases to secure your application from any pitfalls. EasyShoring Solutions has got your back. You are our beloved client and your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.