August 26, 2020


Are you a Green or an IT company? Or anyone who is looking for a proper reference by EasyShoring Solutions to get a chance to shine more in the market and to demonstrate your skills by delivering and meeting international client demands?
Bravo, you are in the right place. Get access to our full range of client relationship management and representation solutions and earn new international clients and expand your network like a spider expands its web. Apply for a partnership with EasyShoring Solutions right away and see the difference yourself.

Since we do not compromise in the quality of our work, we expect the same from our partners as well. We speak with great confidence in front of our clients because of the confidence our partners build in us. So, we are very choosy in selecting our partners as well but if you show us your experience and the existence of your company handling different clients and their projects, you are more than welcome to be onboard this ship with us. In addition, your team must agree to be audited by the experts of EasyShoring Solutions. We may test your employee skills, IT protocols, latest updates and project management.

It may sound simple to be our partner, but believe us- it’s not. We are very choosy about our partners and personally make sure that they fulfill a long list of criteria as client satisfaction is our top priority and we don’t take any chances in risking that. Working with us will be a real joy for any partner and will be a great advantage for their future.

What we promise you:

  • International footprint – With our global base of clients, we ensure that you leave your mark on the world and set your footprints in countries you would have difficulties working for on your own.
  • Recognition and Credibility – Hard work pays off and your hard work will earn you excellent recognition and help build your brand value and positive rating which will fetch you more clients and more fame everyday.
  • Trust – You can be sure that you are in good hands, we will do all our possible to assist and advise you. We are reliable professionals and trustworthy, you won’t regret working with us.
  • Promotion and Best deals – Once you become our partner, you can sit back and relax. We take care of the total promotions for you and your awesome work. We will make sure that western companies see your work and we will try our best to crack the best deal for you.

What we expect from you:

  • Professionalism – Be professional in your work and with shortest possible response time. If you are professional in your attitude and behavior, you are here to stay for long and earn more and more. Pay special attention to detail on everything the client says and demands. It’s ultimately the client’s satisfaction that makes or breaks the deal.
  • Communication – Communicate with the client as much as you can and keep them aware of your progress work. Talking to them after each step will help you to rectify your mistakes very quickly if you have made one by rolling back just one step.
  • Respect the deadlines – Work hard and cut 1 tree a day but sharpen your axe in first half you cut 3 in a day. Plan before you begin and in such a way that you have a few days in hand before the deadline. Make sure you stay within the deadline limit.
  • Accuracy of the product – The product must be very accurate to the customer demands and the code must not break. Please take unit and functional testing very seriously of your product. The product must be totally compliant with the demand of the client mentioned in the proposition and/or the SRS document provided to you.

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