May 24, 2017


EasyShoring Solutions is a consulting company specialized in deals negotiations, sales representation and client relationship management in the fields of IT and Energy. With headquarters located in the USA we also have our footprints in the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Norway.

We are looking for energetic graduates in the field of informatics, mathematical science, engineering, computer science, or any other information technology degree from a reputed institute around the world.

What we promise you is an amazing international environment filled with challenges every single day that will keep you on your toes as well as comfortable and relaxed work life balance.

We welcome both experienced as well as freshers who show promise and expertise in what we require and who prioritize client satisfaction and will deliver performance as per the expectations of our international client base. We speak English and require all our recruits to be able to communicate very well in English. We expect quality work and we don’t pay in peanuts. Our employees don’t need to worry about competitive packages and hikes. Salary is not a problem for deserving candidate.

What we promise you:

  • A great workplace means having great colleagues – ​Things such as perks, flexible timings, table tennis and office parties are just icing. The real cake is great colleagues to work with.
  • Years of experience won’t matter, results will – ​The team around you will consist of experienced folks and recent graduates. We value freshness, hunger and curiosity as much as we value hands-on experience. We believe formal education and premium colleges are overrated. We don’t put recent graduates on training or bench. Typically, recent graduates commit code within weeks of joining.
  • Growth at EasyShoring Solutions won’t take into account your years of experience, only the value you’ve added and results you’ve produced.
  • The place for future entrepreneurs – ​You will get a front row seat to learn how to conceive, execute and position world-class software products. What you will not learn here is how to navigate the office politics of larger companies.
  • Ownership’ and responsibility​ – Each member of the team is treated as an owner. Whether you’re in Sales, Support, QA, Admin or development, you will be entrusted with a lot of responsibility.
  • Beyond 10-to-6 ​- The number of hours you spend at the office will not matter. It’s your contribution to the company that will matter.

We are constantly upgrading all our tools and we provide ample learning opportunity for people in our teams. From new management process to new IT codes, we will help you in every single step to be updated with the latest technology around the world. Our clients are highly demanding and we work round the clock to make our team members efficient enough to bring ultimate satisfaction to our clients.

What we expect from you:

  • Honesty & owning up to mistakes​ – The best way to address a mistake is to own up quickly, clearly communicating the impact of the mistake and the next steps. People who try to hide mistakes and are dishonest about it won’t be tolerated. Lack of trust makes communication difficult & gives rise to unwanted processes. So if you make a mistake, own up immediately and let’s move on, simple.
  • Participate​ – Don’t be a robot doing what you’re told to do. Participate in the overall business by questioning decisions, asking why it matters and keeping track of how we can get better. It will be appreciated if you become the go-to-guy rather than a silent spectator.
  • Bias towards action ​- Don’t wait for decisions to be taken if you’re stuck. It is expected that you will make an intelligent decision and move ahead. If you have the conviction, please apply it to your decision by all means.
  • Communicate, a lot ​- The root cause of all problems in a fast moving company is the lack of communication. Startups usually don’t die of hunger, they die of indigestion. Ironically, the best way to communicate at our current scale is to ditch all tech shenanigans and do what our ancestors used to do: get up, walk to the other person, and talk. Don’t hesitate to communicate with anyone in the company.
  • Attitude over aptitude -​ If you are curious, hungry and hard working, you will be valued more than someone who is just intelligent but doesn’t have an attitude like yours.
  • Have fun – ​Don’t be too serious.
  • Make tools for efficiency ​- Constantly think about how repetitive tasks can be automated. Sometimes making (or buying) a tool will increase efficiency greatly, that is highly appreciated.
  • Brilliant jerks – ​Although we love talent, the cost of increased friction within a team is too expensive to tolerate brilliant jerks. Some companies do tolerate brilliant jerks, we don’t. So don’t be a jerk, be a good person to work with.
  • Top down thinking – ​A great product requires you to think top down. Think about the end goal and work backwards. Show the world that EasySoring Solutions can create meaningful mass market global products, instead of just providing cheap software services.
  • Read ​- Invest time and money in constantly reading up about relevant topics to your role. We truly appreciate you upgrading your own skills and applying them to your work. You should know everything that’s happening about your domain before someone points it out to you.

Please send us your resume and cover letters and let your ambitions soar high!

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