April 29, 2017

About us

EasyShoring Solutions is a consulting FinTech company specialized in deals negotiations, sales representation and client relationship management in the fields of IT, Compliance and Energy. With headquarters located in the USA we also have our footprints in the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Norway. Established in 2012, we were quick to master the art of deal closing for non-US/EU companies in those specific markets.

We are experts in two fields: IT and Energy. On the IT side, we work closely with IT development companies, outsourcing companies, SaaS and my more. We Improve drastically your conversion prospect to client rate, retaining clients thanks to our relationship management services, sales services, advice and representation. We also make representation and distribution for SaaS or other relevant IT services.

About Energy, we advise EPC companies to develop and make business in the US/EU. We participated in the sales and construction of hundreds of MW of solar power plants. We accompany you to reach the US/EU, we are here to cover you and create new opportunities. We also raised funds for this kind of projects, we are really pleased to hear about your green energy projects.

Our clients are mainly small and medium companies outside of the US/EU, that wish to internationalize. We assist you to make business in these new markets for you, providing you with advice about strategy and how to adapt to your new customers.