April 29, 2017

About us


EasyShoring Solutions is a committed IT advisor brokerage company. With headquarters located in the USA we also have our footprints in Germany, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Norway. Established in 2012, we were quick to master outsourcing skills and we proved to our clients that we are here to stay. Our clients are mainly small and medium sized companies, present in international markets and operating in versatile sectors like financial services, energy, IT development, digitalization and computer security,etc.

As an IT broker, we are like an app which you log in to find the best deal in hotels or shopping. We bring you different propositions and deals without you shedding one drop of sweat. Deals, packages , propositions from our partners who can work on your project and will offer you their all in one services in a combined deal within the time frame set by you. So you have the remote control to choose your channel and enjoy and we are just the battery in the remote.

Since our inception, we have carried out our projects with full dedication and we earned a wide range of reliable and experienced partner companies on our way. This unique network allows us to make minimum of 5 different proposals, from 5 different partners, for the realization of any project requested by client. We also have a large catalog of IT projects present online, which can assist you to find one similar to your needs and save time.



Our partners are experts in project management through the use of any practice you want them to use. Be it AGILE, SCRUM, WATERFALL or SPIRAL, we have you covered, in addition our partners are all Certified. With the aim of ensuring our customers with the highest professional value, we move forward  with utmost respect to deadlines. Our mission is to optimize the IT potential of your company, by increasing your efficiency while controlling your costs.

Do not hesitate to ask us for any information you would like to have.