Your consulting FinTech company specialized in deals negotiations, sales representation and client relationship management.

We are specialists in the IT field, we have experts that know the latest technologies and manage a lot of IT projects. We can accompany non- US/EU IT companies to reach these markets and have success. Our approach is based on our knowledge of these markets, and how companies in these countries work and what level of exigence they expect. Very often our clients used to fail to close deals, and lose a lot of money while trying to do so. Their main problem is they don’t understand the culture and the way of thinking of westerns companies and people. They focus only on their products or services and think because it’s working in their country, it should work also for the US and EU markets. This is a huge mistake and many companies keep making and won’t reach any of these markets as long as they don’t adapt to their new customers. This is why they need advice and how to manage sales processes, and get a local sales representative that greatly ease the connection with the prospect. Working with us guarantees you that your sales team is well oriented, and is calibrated for the objectives you aim. We focus on IT overseas companies that wish to grow their business in the US/EU, such as IT consulting companies, innovative SaaS, outsourcing companies, Cloud computing, and much more. We have clients from Russia and CIS countries, LATAM, and India. We work closely with these countries and know best how to work with you.

We have a specialization in Green Energy business, we think and wish that green energy can change the world. We have specialists that work in this sector for years, making negotiations and finding funds for the construction of green energy projects. We successfully accompany EPC companies to gain new markets in new countries, by advising them, helping them make the connection with the good person, following law and regulations of the sector and raising funds. So far we participate in the construction of hundreds of MW of photovoltaic power plants in the EU, allowing our clients to step in this hard to reach market and make business. So, if you are an EPC company and wish to grow your business, you are in the right place. We can easily elaborate a strategy to maximize your interest in this specific field. If your company gets good track records, we can even manage to list your company on the Luxembourgish Green Stock Exchange (LGX) to issue your own bonds. We also work closely with lawyers for legal issues, due diligence, contracts drawing or other legal stuff you might require for such projects. We can propose to you most of the services you will need for the realization of such projects. Do not wait anymore and share with us your EPC projects you wish to build.

As an consulting services company, we can propose the following services regarding the IT and Energy fields:

  • Sales / Business negotiations
  • Client Relationships
  • Representation
  • Management
  • Advisory services
  • Business Development
  • Fund rising for green projects

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